Cotton Candy Machine - Montana
Cotton Candy Cart - Bozeman

Cotton Candy Machine
3 Hours - $75
6 Hours - $125

Cotton Candy just like you remember from the carnival. Great for school, church or business parties! Great money maker for events!

Includes one flavored floss sugar and cones for approximately 50 servings.

Cotton Candy Supplies

Floss Sugar
$15.00 per quart/approximately 50 Servings
Assorted Flavors - Call for list.

Cotton Candy Bags - $2 per 20
Cotton Candy Cones - $2 per 20

Add cart for
$30 - 3 hours
$50 - 6 Hours

Snow Cone Machine Rental - Montana
Snow Cone Cart Montana Rental

Sno Kone Machine
3 Hours - $75
6 Hours - $125

Nothing cools down the kids after a day of jumping than a heaping pile of flavored shaved ice! Includes 1 pint of syrup and 20 cones.

*Customer must supply ice (approximately 2 servings per pound)

Sno Kone Supplies

One Gallon Syrup

One Pint Syrup

$10 per 100
$2 per 20

Add cart for
$30 - 3 hours
$50 - 6 Hours

Popcorn Machine
3 Hours - $75
6 Hours - $125

Includes popcorn and bags serving up to 20.

Popcorn Supplies

Popcorn - $5 serves 20
Bags - $2 per 20 pages

Add popcorn cart
3 Hours - $30
6 Hours - $50

Margarita Machine Rental - Montana

Margarita Machine

What better way to spend your evening then sipping on a frozen drink? This double bowl machine allows for one side for the kids (slushies) and one for the adults (margaritas)! Each hopper holds 3 gallons of drink mix, for a total of up to (100) 8 ounce drinks! Simply add the mix, water and alcohol if wanted into the hopper and wait for it to freeze. We supply the machine, mixing jug and cart with two mixes skirt and delivery within 15 miles with the rental cost. Available for purchase; mixes, plastic cups, straws, we DO NOT supply the alcohol. Alcohol drinks take approximately 2 - 3 hours to freeze. 

Chocolate Fountain Rental - Montana

Chocolate Fountain

The sweet aroma of rich, melted chocolate fills the air as your guests are tempted to dip an unlimited assortment of treats into a waterfall of decadence. Rental includes the fountain and 4 bags of Signature Brand Chocolate and fondue sticks to get you up and running, just add: strawberries, cream puffs, brownie bites, mint sticks, cherries, pretzel rods, marshmallows, biscotti, piroulines, vienna fingers and caramel squares. We don't recommend "crumbly" type foods as they will make the flow of the chocolate look uneven and clumply.

Table Party Rental - Montana

8' Folding Banquet Table

6' Children's Banquet Folding Table

Chair Party Rental - Montana

Folding Chairs

Kid's Chairs